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People stare from the window in a busy and possessed day… Cities are peculiar and that makes us invisible. Airborne Corona virus day by day irreversibly becomes ordinary.
This ordinariness turns into a denser and more routine state. At this point, the humanity actually needs to stop, cool down, and think. Take a deep breath to calm down.
No need to shout out. Just breath.
The story of just breath describes what happens today.
Heart stops at 2:35 in the song and at that time our struggle for living begins
At 4:55 we come back to life from this struggle by taking breat

Artists: Eren Dutlu, Kerem Gell, Onur Diner, Tolga Maktay
Label: Solani Records
Release Date: 27-12-2020
Genre: Organic House & Downtempo

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